Walt Mossberg has reviewed new MacBook Airs

Famous technology journalist Walt Mossberg published another review where he analyzes new MacBook Air notebooks and describes them as "gorgeous, very thin and light, but very sturdy aluminum computers".

After using notebooks for some time he made a conclusion that the 11.6-inch system is very iPad-like, the battery life of the devices is "strong" and the systems wake up from sleep every time almost instantly. Though such machines won't fit as primary computers, especially for power users, they should fit fine for light-duty users. Walt revealed that even the $999 model can run 7-8 programs at the same time, even if there are iTunes, Safari Web browser with couple of dozens of apps opened and Microsoft Office among them.

"The new Airs aren't meant to be the most robust machines. They use last-generation Intel processors and have only two gigabytes of memory in their base configuration, and their storage is well below typical hard-disk capacities."

So those who want to buy the 11-inch model are recommended by Mossberg to spend $200 more and have 128GB of internal storage. Video editors should also consider expanding RAM to 4GB for $100.

Walt also made some battery tests and revealed the 11-inch model can work for 4 h 43 min even if the screen brightness will be maximized, Wi-Fi will be on and all power-saving features will be turned off. The same test for 13-inch model showed 5 h and 13 min of uptime.

"This means that, in normal use, with power-saving features turned on, you'd be almost certain to meet, or possibly exceed, Apple's claimed battery life".

Though Walt Mossberg criticized notebooks for its limited HDD capacity and high price (in comparison to Windows PCs), he exalted the Apple's successful attempt to create notebook that works like iPhone or iPad but remains a fully functional computer.

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