Arbitration court can resolve Apple-Motorola patent dispute.

The arbitral court was considering Apple and Google issues which were about the infringement of patents. Bloomberg reported on Friday that details of preliminary discussions were revealed during the court filing. The two companies exchanged proposals in which they proposed a mandatory arbitration trial to reach a licensing agreement.

In a filing Apple reported that the arbitration agreement could lead to a global settlement of the issues between the two companies. Google also said that it also would prefer to see a global solution to the issue. Apple noticed that the company had agreed that the arbitral tribunal might be the best way to resolve the dispute.

Last month, in the Court of Wisconsin, Apple pointed out that the company is ready to pay Motorola, which is also owned by Google, no more than $ 1 per iPhone sold in favor of licensing. iPhone manufacturer told the Court that if the FRAND-index will be at $ 1 or below, Apple would take a license and immediately start paying Motorola.

Apple is ready to pay a lot less than 2.25% of sales for Motorola. Muller, an intellectual property expert, said that he didn`t expect that Motorola has ever receives a large payout.

Last weekend, Apple and HTC have announced publicly that all patent litigation issues settled out of court and installed a 10-year licensing agreement.

Apple's biggest trial is still with the main competitor- Samsung. One of the executive directors of the company reported that Samsung had no plans to settle issues with Apple, as HTC did it.

It also noted that HTC would probably agree to pay Apple from $ 6 to $ 8 for every phone sold by the company as part of the licensed trade. Analyst Shaw Wu said this week that HTC agreement could serve as a model for future deals with Motorola.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012. 11:53

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