Cooliris for iPhone [AppStore, Free]

Cooliris, the popular browser extension that revolutionizes the way you view media. Now it is available as an application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Cooliris makes finding news and search results a breeze by displaying them as an endlessly streaming 3D Wall, complementing the touch screen perfectly.

This application is free, avaliable via AppStore (link).


  • 3D Wall makes finding and viewing content easy, and fun
  • Discover provides you with news on-the-go: stay on top of the latest current events
  • Get the full story: Read more inline without having to jump to the web browser

How to use:

  • 1-Finger Swipe - Scroll the wall a screen length
  • Pinch / Expand Wall - Zoom in/out
  • Single Tap - Select Media or go full screen
  • Tilt Wall - Scroll the wall by tilting the device left or right
  • Press Title Bar Menu Button - Select the item to go one deeper
  • Press Cooliris Logo - Go home
  • Finger Swipe Submenu - Slide the sub-menu items to see more
  • Click the Envelope - Share media via the default Mail Client
  • Click the Metadata - Opens the containing page web page
  • Click the 'i' Info icon - Shows/Hides the metadata panel

Watch the video:

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