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The new data presented in June by Consumer Intelligence Research state that Apple's iPhone 5 sales account for 52% of the company's smartphone sales. The figure of iPhone 4S corresponds to 30% of the sales while the one of iPhone 4 only reaches 18%.

The sales Phone 5 seem to be occupying more than half of all iPhone sales, figures registered nine months after the   launch of newcomer. Whereas the earlier model, iPhone 4S, accounts for almost three-quarters of iPhone sales nearly a year after its launch. Last but not the least, iPhone 4S had 90 percent of all iPhone sales in the immediate after-launch  period , compared to about 70 percent for iPhone 5.

According to the report,  44% of the iPhone purchases were from AT&T (the figure is 5% lower), 34% were from Verizon (a decrease of  5%), and Sprint (a 2% fall) . T-Mobile remains to account for 12% of sales.

CIRP's data also discovered that more than half of iPhone buyers in June were upgrading from another platform (Android, Windows Phone, etc) or were buying their first smartphone.

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Monday, July 22, 2013. 23:38

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