Java GUI on IPhone (example)

During Java instalation there was sample programm installed. It is called HelloJava. It is a bit more complicated than basic console HelloWorld-type application, that we tried to compile and run during this tutorial. HelloJava uses gui and SQLite. It uses several classes, that are bridges to IPhone's functionality (GUI, sound, SQL, etc). But all that it does is it reads contacts' first and last names from IPhone's database (throught SQL select statement) and shows them on the screen in GUI mode. It also produses simple sound in the end.

Here is a screenshot of the icon and application itself:


The application consists of several files:

  • HelloJava

This file that actually runs the application. It is simple bash script:


# XXX: Java is symlink'd to here so the home button works

exec "$(dirname "$0")"/Java -Xmx8M -Xss256K -cp /usr/share/java/sqlite.jar:/usr/share/java/jocstrap.jar:/usr/share/java/uicaboodle.jar:"$(dirname "$0")" com.saurik.uicaboodle.Main HelloJava "$@"

  • HelloJava$Contact.class
  • HelloJava$Section.class
  • HelloJava.class

These are compiled java class files.

  • HelloJava.java

This is a source file. It is not needed to run the application. Just for developers to take a look. By the way here it is with syntacs highlighted: HelloJava.java

  • Info.plist

This is a xml description file, contains info about executable and etc.

That's it. Quite simple.

Using this example it is easy to create your own GUI Java application

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  1. I'm trying to tweak the HelloJava.java app but have little success. What I first tried was modifying the .JAVA file, changed the string "Contact List" to "My String". Pretty straightforward. I compiled the project on eclipse and copied the .CLASS files on to my phone, it runs ok. However, I tried copying the entire HelloJava.app folder, creating a new MyApp.app with the same exact files in it, copied it over to my phone and it doesn't work. It just starts the app and immediately closes. Any ideas?



    6 May 09 at 10:15 pm

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