Journalist Neal Augenstein Gave Handy Tips On How To Use iPhone In The Work

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After visiting a webinar of Neal Augenstein, who is a well-known radio reporter for WTOP in Washington D.C, the IJNet described his most useful advices on editing and recording audio and video using your iPhone.

  • Use VeriCorder’s VC Audio Pro application for editing multi-layered audio in your iPhone.
  • Use the “airplane mode” because receiving phone calls stops the VeriCorder from recording.
  • Improvise. For example, once Neal uses super glue uses to attach a piece of foam inside the regular microphone clip in order to make a microphone lift for iPhone.
  • Use an XLR adapter to improve video quality and an extension speaker to hear yourself better as you record.
  • Use Skype mobile app since it has a better signal than regular cell phones.
  • Use Upstream broadcasting app to live video stream from your iPhone.
  • Edit your photo in iPhone if you are in rush.
  • Use your Twitter account to send your reports.

Neal Augenstein has used only his iPhone for reporting in the field for the last 18 months. Also Augenstein sometimes conducts hour-long seminars for journalists who wish to use their iPhones as effectively as possible. His handy tips for editing and recording video and audio via iPhone can be useful for anybody who wants to record a conference, lecture or other moments and then edit and send records with minimum efforts.

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