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Newly arrived in the App Store is pTerm, an iPhone port of the PuTTY terminal emulator. It supports SSH and Telnet, among other things, and has a built-in Control key.

Eric Maland says that a 1.1 update is already on its way (it has been submitted to Apple and is awaiting approval). Unfortunately a handful of "major crashy bugs" (as Eric puts it) were discovered after the 1.0 release had been submitted.

Planned features for future releases include multiple simultaneous connections, custom sizes and colors, port forwarding and lots more.

And in the meantime, if you download and experience crashy behavior, Eric's message is: be patient. The fixes are done, but when they reach the Store is out of his hands.

pTerm is $4.99US in the US App Store

More screenshots and the list of features:

Version 1.1 has been submitted and is awaiting Apple's approval. New in this update:

  • Greater stability - no more crashes when leaving a terminal screen without first exiting, and fixed a minor (but critical) timer error
  • ESC key support via Ctrl-[
  • Full-screen mode via double-tap

pTerm's features include:

  • SSH, Telnet, and Raw Socket (TCP) support
  • xterm terminal emulation
  • 80x24 standard unix terminal window
  • Pinch to zoom in the terminal
  • Landscape and Portrait modes
  • Support for CTRL keys
  • Works over Edge, 3G, or WiFi connections
  • Entirely based on PuTTY; if the features are in PuTTY, we can proably provide them on the iPhone!

Future features:

  • support for multiple simultaneous connections
  • custom terminal sizes
  • custom foreground and background colors
  • customizing TCP behaviour (TCP Keepalives, etc)
  • port forwarding
  • tab, function, numpad, arrow and pgup/pgdwn keys
  • scroll-with-cursor
  • ... and many more!

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