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Apple Tablet Image Leaked. Fake?


This not yet avaliable device has many names: Apple iTablet, MacBook Touch, Apple Tablet PC. Recently we wrote about possible specifications. Today we have a photo! French site posted this photo, suggesting it could be Apple's tablet computer. It looks like an Apple Tablet - a big iPod Touch. But, of course, could easily be fake.

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More news about the Apple iTablet


Apple iTablet is a rumor codename for Apple Tablet PC, notebook with a sensor display. Some name it Apple MacBook Touch. Gizmodo claims to have received some information about Apple iTablet. Here it is:

  • 10 inch screen
  • Looks just like a big iPhone (though that may change)
  • 2 versions: with webcam and without (for education?)
  • $700 - $900 price tag
  • May function as secondary touchpad/screen for Macs
  • OS is still big question mark
  • Super-secret product code name.

via theiphoneblog gizmodo


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Friday, August 14th, 2009. 19:47

What Will Apple’s Next Generation iPhone 2,1 be Called?


New iPhone is widely expected to be announced at WWDC 2009. But what name will Apple give to this new device?

  • iPhone 4G would assume 4G LTE wireless networks, which haven’t even begun to be rolled out yet, so last year’s scheme is out.
  • iPhone 3.5/3.9G is likewise a non-starter. HSPA+ is not for Apple.
  • iPhone 32GB is spoken all over internet. This name is more about memory, than a phone. It forces Apple to do actually 32GB models, etc. This too seems unlikely.
  • iPhone Pro fits with Mac Pro and MacBook Pro (and even Final Cut Pro). This name is cool, but kind of already used and abused by Palm Treo Pro, HTC Touch Pro, and a variety of other stylus-wielding Windows Phones.
  • iPhone, sans descriptor is always a possibility. After all, it’s not iMac X, Y, or Z, it’s just iMac. Whether internal documents say iPhone 2,1 or iPhone 3rd Generation, Apple could be ballsy enough at this point to just stick with the unadorned moniker.
  • iPhone HD - high resolution screen, full HD support, 10Mp camera.. all this is just our dreams. Why not?

Any thoughts on names? Just leave comments.

via theiphoneblog


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New Concept Video of the MacBook Touch


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Monday, April 27th, 2009. 17:41

One billion apps downloads in AppStore


Nearly one billion apps have been downloaded around the globe.

Apple celebrates this event: download an app and you’ll automatically get the chance to win a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card, an iPod touch, a Time Capsule, and a MacBook Pro. Just go to the iTunes Store, browse the App Store, and download your best app yet.


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Friday, April 10th, 2009. 20:33

Apple patents a biometric recognition system for iPhone and MacBook

Apple filed a new patent that shows a new system of biometric recognition for the safety of iPhone and MacBook. Currently the only way to protect our devices is to use a security code, which is not safe enough. In the future Apple plans to integrate a sensor below the screen to scan our fingerprints when we execute the "slide to unlock" .

Other security methods may be that the voice recognition or facial recognition. This might include the future implementation of a front camera. Apple goes so far as to suggest the possibility of recognizing the user's distinctive voice or even collecting DNA samples to recognize a user's genetic sequence. Biometrics could also be context-sensitive and detect the shape of a user's ear before allowing a call to go through, for example.

Overall it still seems somewhat science fiction, but could be implemented in the next model of the iPhone this summer.



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QuickPwn & PwnageTool for 2.2 firmware

The new tools are out, thanks to DevTeam. Here are couple notes:

If you have a 3G iPhone and want potential soft unlock in the near future do NOT use QuickPwn, and do not use the official ipsw or the iTunes update process without using PwnageTool.

Preserving the baseband will give you the maximum chance for any upcoming software unlock. To upgrade your phone to 2.2 and preserve the state of the baseband you need to create a custom .ipsw with PwnageTool. This custom .ipsw will not contain the baseband update but of course will still allow all the cool new stuff from 2.2.

The ‘late 2008’ MacBook/air/pro line of computers have an issue with DFU mode.  While it’s possible to go from Pwned 2.1 -> Pwned 2.2 (using PwnageTool), you can’t yet go from stock to pwned.  If in any doubt use a different machine.

Here are download links:

Bittorrent Releases

  • PwnageTool 2.2.1 for Mac OSX is here SHA1 Sum - 3a91f2bf4f342baaa700ae7d35959d7ade186134
  • QuickPwn 2.2 for Mac OSX is here SHA1 Sum - 254b8af0e19870a4660b7b11e3b6f6ae1d6bc66f
  • QuickPwn 2.2 for Windows is here SHA1 Sum - ffdbc561224c61ffc2713cb6a6e696b6d429c4ca

Mac PwnageTool 2.2.1

Mac QuickPwn 2.2

Windows QuickPwn 2.2


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Touchpad Elite [AppStore, Free]

Control your computer wirelessly with the multi-touch features of the new MacBook line!

For both Mac and Windows:

  • Wireless touchpad
  • PowerPoint clicker
  • Control your media
  • Multi-touch access to Task Switcher
  • Automated discovery

Specially for Mac:

  • Zoom your Mac screen
  • Multi-touch access to Expose

No install required on Mac, although free modified Vine Server will give you access to media keys (Play/Pause, etc.). For Windows, free modified TightVNC server will also give you access to media keys.

The price is dropped for a limited time from $4.99 to $0. AppStore link.


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Tuesday, November 18th, 2008. 17:26

Patents for MacBook Touch

Apple подал на патент (20080204426), который описывает технологии, потенциально используемые в MacBook Touch:

Much of the 52-page filing describes methods for accurately detecting and deciphering a plurality of simultaneous contacts on a touch screen, which sets the foundation for future tablet-based products that users can manipulate using not only more than one finger, but more than one hand.

via AppleInsider


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Monday, September 8th, 2008. 1:32

MacBook prices will be lower

Investment bank Piper Jaffray said Tuesday it believes Apple is readying new iPod and notebook products that will apply downward pressure to profit margins because they'll be priced more affordably, such as 13-inch MacBook that will fetch less than $1000.

"We believe there is an 80% chance Apple will introduce redesigned MacBooks and possibly new MacBook Pros at lower price points," he wrote. "Specifically, Apple may re-enter the $999 price point (currently $1099) with the MacBook, or test the $1,799 price point with the MacBook Pro (currently $1999)."

The Piper Jaffray analyst reiterated his Buy rating and $250 price target on shares of Apple.


via appleinsider


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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008. 19:43

MacBook Touch

Pictures look very nice. Indeed a Mac tablet PC, combining notebook and IPhone, multi-touch and other technologies. Too good to be truth.  But.. There are many rumors, that it will be released by the end of this year.


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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008. 18:50