Taiwanese Site Sued by Supplier After Leaking Claimed iPad 3 Dock Connector


In July 2011 Taiwanese site Apple.pro published several photos of what was claimed to be the dock connector and ribbon cable for the next-generation iPad 3. Honestly, the connector didn’t provide much information about the full iPad 3 tablet. The only obvious fact was that the connector itself being white as opposed to black on the iPad 2, and it was one of the first reported leaks of iPad 3 parts. However,  Apple's suppliers seem to have taken the leak seriously. Apple.pro now reports that it has been sued by the supplier responsible for the part leaked in last year's report.

Apple's security demands are of course well-known, but parts for the company's devices have regularly leaked well before their public release. Most of the leaked parts have been basic ribbon cables and other internal components that have revealed little about the complete devices despite significant amounts of analysis and speculation.

Clearly Apple and its suppliers prefer that even these components not make their way into public view, although given the massive size of Apple's supply chain it may continue to have difficulty plugging leaks. Parts continue to leak on a regular basis, with some online vendors already offering some of the iPad 3 parts for sale.

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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Tuesday, January 31, 2012. 23:02

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