What apps do not work with OS 2.1 yet?

According to reports in the toucharcade.com and macrumors.com comments

List of Apps affected by the 2.1 software update beside number of forum reports: (in order of reports)

> 20 reports

Last.fm: (no audio) Developer aware, v2.0 update in transit

Zen Pinball: (no graphics white screen) Developer aware, v2.1 update in transit with improved frame rate, responsiveness, and graphics

Toybot Diaries: (corrupted sound effects) Developer aware, v1.2 update in transit

10 or more reports

Alli's Jigsaw:(cannot select new image) Developer aware, update in transit

5 or more reports

Asphault 4: >5 reports (drifting and braking sound effect corrupted, freezes)

Splash ID: >5 reports (?keyboard no longer automatically appears in login screen?/works intermittently for some) Developer aware, update in transit

2 or more reports

Jeyo Mobile Extender: (nonfunctional, connects ok but no transfer of messages to outlook) Developer aware, currently software was rendered incompatible with iPhone 2.1 Update

Brain Tuner: (crashes, appears to function after reinstall though) Reinstall fixes issue

Text Guru: (crashes after editing document)

Younote: (after voice recording function cannot save)

1 report

Blue Skies: report from Developer (cut scene speech is distorted) Developer aware, update in transit

EirText & EirText Pro: report from Developer (now crashes on firmware 2.1) Developer aware, updates in transit

Voice Dialer: (does not respond to voice commands)

My Weather: (fails to launch)

Whitepages: (?Unable to install??? But works if already installed)

Lexitron: (corrupted sound effects)

Tuner Internet Radio: (AAC+ stream support is now broken)

Cube Runner: (sound effects corrupted)

Conflicting Reports

eWallet: (lack of automatic keyboard appearance at login screen, works for some)

Truphone: (out of memory error/ memory leakage from other app? works for some)

What's On: (fails to discover TV stations upon entering zip code/ works for some)

Note: One commenter on toucharcade forums RPGGuy claims the 2.1 firmware no longer plays 8 bit sounds correctly which may explain the many sound glitches in some apps.

Note #2: It appears as though applications which prompt for a password upon launching unreliably present the keyboard for password entry. Both SplashID and eWallet appear to have the same issue. However tapping the password blank brings up the keyboard manually.

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