10 reasons not to buy the iPad

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Debra Shinder from TechRepublic posted an article about 10 reasons why she won’t buy an iPad. As time passes by her thoughts provoke more and more passionate discussions on this topic. So here are these 10 reasons:

  1. There is no physical keyboard (or you need to buy an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard).
  2. One size doesn’t fit all (it doesn’t fill the gap between mobiles and netbooks as 9.7” inches is an exact screen size of netbook, and you cannot put it into your pocket).
  3. It runs iPhone OS (so there is no multi-tasking).
  4. There’s not enough storage (and you cannot expand it via USB-flashdrives).
  5. There’s no HDMI output or camera (if you can watch video, why you can’t make videoconferences with your friends?).
  6. There are no USB ports (and you would not be able to connect your own web-cam, for example).
  7. There is no flash memory slot.
  8. The price is not right (it just seems to be illogical to pay 200$ for additional 48 GB )
  9. It is locked in. All apps are in AppStore, and good ones cost money.
  10. It is all about network (why should people change their internet provider to AT&T just because of purchasing some new device?).

While Debra compares fully-equipped 829$ iPad with a powerful and though compact laptop, it seems like she’s looking for an ability to make use of all its capacities. On the other hand, TUAW critics and Apple fans say that iPad is designed to be an enhanced ebook-reader that makes it easy to handle everyday operations like checking e-mails or surfing the web.

What do you think?

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  1. Well there are some things you have to understand. But first off, I am a major fan or Apple and Microsoft. I have both Windows 7 and Leopard and spend time on both machines. The iPad isnt exactly trying to take the place of a computer. But it is to compete with netbooks. One mistake I think is they made it like the iPhone. Multitasking is something that should have been implemented now that it has a faster processor and bigger screen and Its hindering that you cant upload your wn Mac applications. But I guess it is all about the money. The ipad is not for everyone. It is just for people that need to check their email and surf the web whenever they want, where ever they want. It just makes things simple. And they dont MAKE you switch service to AT&T. You can get the 3G version and have unlimited internet for 29.99 a month with NO contract.

    As far as the app store goes, they are probably trying to not be like other computer companies and put out netbooks that are very sluggish and slow unless you pay 800 dollars for it. and of course, if you dont like touch screens/keyboards you shouldnt buy one. But the keyboard just looks fun to type on. Like as of right now, I am in my car with my laptop (macbook 13") and its sitting in my lap against the steering wheel. Wouldnt it be nice to have an ipad that is .5" thick to type this comment out on? But of course the question comes out to how easy would it be in this type or circumstance and why the H#ll am I in my car on my laptop? lol. But if you have 16 gigs of music to put on the ipad can you really buy enough USEFULL apps that you really need to fill up the other 16 gigs? 32 is all the general public really needs. 16 for a lot of people. My iPhone is 32gb and I still have about 10 gigs left.

    Will I buy the iPad? Im still thinking about it. I do want to wait fore more innovations such as camera's/usb ports (for webcams like u mentioned)/ etc, but why not try it out? Its just 500$. Im sure most of the people who will purchase one make that in about a week or two anyways.

    But purchasing the iPad is a personal choice. If you have no use for it, dont purchase it. If it will make your life Easier then by all means, throw down 500-600 bucks instead of buying a regular laptop for you web browsing needs. It will be more fun on the ipad!!



    6 Feb 10 at 4:21 am

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