AT&T Experiences Major Problems With iPhone 4 Preorders


Yesterday AT&T suddenly entirely stopped accepting iPhone 4 preorders. The company said that it was the busiest online sales day in its history.

Meanwhile AT&T's site started to show old information on iPhone 3GS prices, that was actual before iPhone 4 was announced. Some people also claimed they were shown info that wasn't theirs on AT&T's and Apple's site (the latter sometimes pulls information from AT&T's site to verify shipping address).


One reader even received confirmation for an iPhone 4 order, but he never placed it and now just wonders will it come to him.


Later AT&T's spokesman commented on the situation:

"We have received reports of customers inadvertently seeing the wrong account information during the iPhone 4 purchasing process. We have been unable to replicate the issue, but the information displayed did not include call-detail records, social security numbers, or credit card information. In the meantime, we are looking into this matter."

Gizmodo also reported that security issues could be allegedly caused by faulty server software update (according to their AT&T insider). As you remember, this is a second time for a week when AT&T experience issues with its servers.


When the problems with AT&T's site occurred the company decided to switch to a pen-and-paper reservation method, but those customers who used it have already received e-mails with information that their device may arrive later than on June 24. It also concerns every customer who preordered his iPhone 4 as of Tuesday afternoon.

To meet with demand AT&T had to ask its employees not to purchase new handset for some period of time.


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