Safari 5.0.4 pwned at hacking contest in five seconds

SAfari pwned

As far as we know, the Apple’s browser Safari was always the subject of intense criticism for its various security weaknesses.  A couple of days ago Safari got pwned again at the hacking challenge pwn2own. It took the French team consists of specialists of security firm Vupen just a few seconds to exploit an unpatched Safari vulnerability. “We pwned Apple Safari on Mac OS X (x64) at pwn2own in 5 seconds,” they tweeted. Just a few minutes before the contest, Apple released Safari 5.0.4 alongside iOS 4.3. Vupen said that the update 62 vulnerabilities, breaking “some exploits but not all.”  The winners were awarded $15,000 and a MacBook Air. In addition to Safari, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 was also hacked pretty quickly.

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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Friday, March 11, 2011. 10:51

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