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SI Swimsuit 2009: another "Sexy" app available in AppStore


Apple is always against certain types of applications... Some call these apps "porn", others say "sexy". For example Apple removed Hottest Girls and Beauty Meter apps from AppStore and didn't give approval for Action Babes. In the same time it approves app with erotic content. Couple hours ago an app called "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009" appeared in AppStore.

The application allows us to view a series of images of international super models.  For each of these there is also a video clip of 2 minutes each. We can look at the pictures in SlideShow and rotate the iPhone 90° to see a small calendar.

Application cost is $2.99 (AppStore link).


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Observing the universe with SkyVoyager and SkyGazer for Free [AppStore, Free]

SkyVoyager and SkyGazer are two wonderful Carina Software applications that you can download for free only today, because of the 40th first landing on the Moon anniversary. Here are brief details of these two appplications:

SkyVoyager (regilar price is $14.99, AppStore link) is a powerful astronomy program, with a database of 300,000 stars and 30,000 deep sky objects. It renders the planets and moons in detail, using NASA mission imagery.

SkyVoyager SkyVoyager SkyVoyager

SkyVoyager is a planetarium that precisely shows the sky from any location on Earth, at any time in the past or future. It contains informative descriptions of the planets, stars, and constellations; and includes hundreds of images from both NASA and leading astro-photographers.

SkyVoyager data SkyVoyager skygazer3

SkyGazer (regular price is $2.99, AppStore link) is an easy-to-use planetarium program designed for beginners in astronomy. This app can be considered as a lite version of SkyVoyager, much smaller database, smaller functionality. But still it is a very good app.

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ultrasn0w 0.9: ideas from GeoHot, implementation from DevTeam


DevTeam updated ultrasn0w. They removed the daemon and used ideas of GeoHot's purplesn0w, but implemented these ideas in a better safer way. New ultrasn0w 0.9 uses 152 bytes of baseband RAM, which is 6900 timesless than purplesn0w. They also use mobile substrate to patch CommCenter, instead of patching the file itself.

Here is a list of features from DevTeam.

  • Works on both 3G and 3GS.
  • Works on hacktivated devices.
  • Works regardless of how you jailbroke your device.
  • Doesn’t patch any mach-o binary whatsoever.  (Doesn’t require a separate patch as each new firmware comes out).
  • Doesn’t install any additional daemon
  • Has no race conditions, no popups about “Missing SIM”, no network issues
  • Is almost 7000 times smaller than its nearest competition :)
  • Is available now via Cydia.  Source repo is http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com (that last “0” in ultrasn0w is a zero!)

Anyway this new solution is a very good one. It uses good ideas in a good way. We recommend to use ultrasnow.


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iPhone 3GS Stress Test: multitasking [Video]


In order to understand the true power of the new iPhone 3GS let's do some tests on the new Apple device using the Backgrounder. You have about 150MB of RAM free, so you can open several applications and games at the same time and get good results. Here's the list:


  • Weathereye
  • Random Facts
  • Chalky
  • Google Apps
  • Phone
  • Mail


  • Assassin's Creed
  • Metal Gear Solid Touch
  • Real Racing

Games listed above are among those that require a lot of resources. However, the device continued to function without major delays. Here is a video demonstration:

Here is another related video:

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QuickShottr will automatically upload screenshots to the internet [Cydia]

QuickShottr allows you to automatically upload the screenshots made on iPhone / iPod on ImageShack site.

As you know, both Apple devices can create a screenshot ("pictures" of the screen). User just need to clicking the same time Home + Power buttins. QuickShottr will automatically upload screenshots to ImageShack (in background) and will copy the link to the clipboard.

quickshottr quickshottr1 quickshottr2

So if you want to share a picture with someone just call the copy/paste and click "Paste." You can QuickShottr in any application, f.e. in instant messaging that does not support sending and receiving images. This functionality is also very useful for bloggers or those who must quickly send images.

Current version is 1.1, it has been improved a lot since 1.0. There is also a SBSettings toggle called QuickShottr Toggle, that will allow to activate and deactivate this QuickShottr functionality through a simple click.

QuickShottr can be found in Cydia via the BigBoss repository.

via ispazio


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Quantum Collapse: RTS for iPhone [AppStore, Games, Video]

Quantum Collapse is one of the best games RTS (Real Time Strategy) games for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game was released less than a month ago and has already been updated to version 1.1. Regular price is $3.99, but it is on sal enow for $0.99 (AppStore link). There is also a free lite version (AppStore link).

qc qc


  • 13 Campaign missions providing more than 8 hours of gameplay
  • 11 Skirmish missions with 3 different AI Types.
  • Amazing Particle Effects and Explosions
  • 2 Completely different factions with unique designs and powers
  • Voxel generated terrain (no repetitive tilemaps)
  • Map Zoom.
  • Each unit has a unique powerup. Some super units have up to 6 of them.
  • Spell system enables you to take a huge part in the battle.

In next version developers will implement multiplayer with voice-chat. Note for iPhone 3GS users: the game has graphical glitches on the iPhone 3GS. Developers found the solution and the fix is on it's way.

Here is a demo video:

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Worms for iPhone released [AppStore, Games, Video]


Worms game is now avaliable in AppStore for $4.99 (iTunes link). It is so popular and it is really great. Here are couple screenshots:

worms_1 worms_2

worms_3 worms_4

Unfortunately to iPhone 2G/3G users it run really slow on therse devices.Here are couple reviews:

  • The game is SLOW. Lag time at every action, even in menus.
  • Really bad framerate.
  • I was expecting this game sience laste year when rumors came up about worms. Now i’m so very disapointed! IT’s very SLOW!

However iPhone 3GS users are happy:

  • Game is plenty fast on my 3GS!
  • First game that require a 3GS.

Here's a video demo:

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iPod 3,1 was caught in the internet


Apple’s third generation iPod touch seems to be going out for a little web-based test drive. Designated iPod touch 3,1, we first saw code hints of it in the iPhone 3.0 beta firmware, and then in rumors about the iPod touch getting a camera. Now, according to app analytics provider PinchMedia:

we’ve been noticing an “iPod 3,1″ string appearing in our version reporting, signifying what we believe to be a new yet-to-be-released version of the iPod Touch.

For the last two years, Apple has reveled new iPod touch models during their fall music-focused events. Last year, the second generation iPod touch debuted at Let’s Rock alongside iPhone 2.1, and iTunes 8. Since Apple likes their product cycles, does this mean we’ll see iPod touch 3,1 and iPhone 3.1 sometime this September?

via theiphoneblog


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Wednesday, July 8th, 2009. 15:13

Smartphone market in 2011 and 2013: looks nice to Apple


Generator Research says that Nokia's smartphone marketshare will plummet from over 40 percent today to only 20 percent by 2013. They predict that Apple, on the other hand, will hit 33 percent marketshare by that point, matching Nokia sometime in 2011—just two years away—with 77 million phones.

That scenario, though, depends on some awesome conditions for Apple (think about 77 million iPhones!) on top of some truly horrific ignorance from Nokia, letting the smartphone market go almost entirely with a half-assed defense of its position as it focuses on profits from its mass volume low-cost wares in developing countries. Probably Nokia will stop making smartphones like the N97 some day and will create something nice.

via gizmodo


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Wednesday, July 8th, 2009. 15:00

iPhone users will learn how to sing well


Apple has published a very interesting patent application in which they explore how to provide a Karaoke experience on the iPhone.

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Thursday, July 2nd, 2009. 16:14

BeautyMeter: child pornography in AppStore. Apple eliminates the application.

Apple has just removed another application from AppStore called BeautyMeter. The aim was to collect the images taken directly from iPhone on some sort of virtual dashboard allowing other users to rate the faces and bodies that were displayed.

The application itself complied with all rules of Apple SDK so at that time was regularly approved for the Store. But following the growth of communities there were some who abused the service, uploading pornographic photos. That was the reason why the app was removed.


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Written by admin

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009. 15:30

Firmware 3.0 is slower than 2.2.1?

A few days ago we reported that the statistics showed an increase in speed of firmware 3.0 compared to 2.2.1. This factor, however, does not find confirmation in other applications, because, as you can see from the following table that 3.0 is slower than 2.2.1.

For example is takes 34 seconds to start for firmware 2.2.1 against 47 seconds for 3.0 firmware. The launch time of some applications on the old firmware also sees an advantage of 2-9 seconds compared to 3.0. This is just further evidence showing that the 3.0 firmware has problems and should be optimized. We hope that the update arrives soon!



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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009. 15:28

iPhone 3GS jailbreak and unlock soon


And after the various Key and provocations made by GeoHotz, the DevTeam has decided to write a new article on the official blog with good news for all owners of an iPhone 3GS! The DevTeam has verified that the exploit called 24Kpwn (used for the first time to unlock the iPod Touch 2G) is still valid and it works wonderfully for iPhone 3GS.

It seems the new version of bootrom used by Apple in 3GS dates back in August, a few months before the release of 24Kpwn, so there was no time to solve the problem.

In addition, the new daemon released by the team under the name of ultrasn0w (unlock for iPhone 3G) will work with iPhone 3GS.

New versions of redsn0w (jailbreak) and ultrasn0w (unlock) with iPhone 3GS support will be released soon.


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Firmware 3.0 jailbreak: RedSn0w for iPhone and iPod Touch


RedSn0w is an easy to use, multi-platform, multi-device jailbreaking and unlocking (iPhone 2G only) tool from DevTeam. It supports firmware 3.0 and iPhone 2G (original iPhone), the iPhone 3G (but not the 3GS) and also the iPod touch (first and second generation):

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PwnageTool 3.0 for Mac OSX

pwnage 20

DevTeam released PwnageTool for firmware 3.0. Here is the list of supported deviced:

  • iPhone 2G - jailbreak and unlock
  • iPhone 3G - only jailbreak, use only with official unlocked iPhones
  • iPod Touch - jailbreak
  • iPod Touch 2G - not supported, use redsn0w
  • iPod Touch 3GS - not supported

If you are using a 3G iPhone with yellowsn0w and rely on yellowsn0w to obtain cellular service, then you should NOT use PwnageTool right now. Ultrasn0w is not included with this release and therefore your baseband will be locked and unable to use an operator other than the official one it was bought for. Ultrasn0w will be release via APT (cydia and icy) soon (update: Ultrasn0w released). If you have an original iPhone (1st generation) then 3.0 unlock works with this PwnageTool release.

Yellowsn0w in its current form will NOT work with the baseband version that is present in the 3.0 update, you will need Ultrasn0w, which will be released sometime soon, Ultrasn0w will work with all iPhone 3G models (but not 3GS), even ones that were previously unlockable, Ultrasn0w will be released via APT (this means you can get it via Cydia or Icy).

PwnageTool will NOT work for the iPhone 3GS. PwnageTool WILL work for Original iPhone (1st Generation), Original iPod touch (1st Generation) and the iPhone 3G.

You can donwload PwnageTool 3.0 here.


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