1993 Interview - Steve Jobs About Paul Rand

Paul Rand is not a well-known person, but it was he who created logos for such famous companies like ABC Television, UPS, IBM and NeXT. He didn't actually design any of the logos for Apple, but he was chosen to be portrayed with an Apple logo for a print ad.


Paul Rand

In 1993 Steve Jobs gave an interview to Alan Pottasch and Doug Evans. That was a time when he was a chief executive officer of NeXT and concentrated on porting their NeXTSTEP OS for x86 processors. That year Apple changed the guard from J. Sculley to M. Spindler.

At that interview Jobs spoke much about Rand as of an artist who became a "gem" for the company. He also says:

"When you scratch the surface of any of his work, you find out the depth of the intellectual problem solving that's taken place."

His speech reflects the ideal of current Apple's products. It is not only the hardware design that attracts people, it is also a software and the forseen interaction beneath it.

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