Apple’s plans for 2011

apples plans1

Apple seems to have grate plans for 2011. So, we’d summarized all rumors and official statement, and formed the following list, which shows Apple's plans for the new year:

  • Lion OS;
  • Mac App Store;
  • iPad 2
  • Implementing of Light Peak optical interconnect technology developed by Intel to replace such things like USB, DisplayPort and HDMI. In future, the technology has the potential to reach speeds of 100Gbps. it is also requires smaller connections and thinner cables;
  • New model of MacBook Pro notebooks equipped with Intel's Light Peak, 512 GB of SSD storage, without an optical drive. These MacBook Pro's will last longer, run quieter and be lighter and more power-efficient;
  • Apple-branded Blu-ray player/burning device which is also capable of burning standard optical media such as DVD or CD;
  • Subscription service via iTunes, which would be focused on video services.

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