Apple New Patent Could Help Prevent Blurry Or Dark IPhone Photos

Today US patent and trademark office published a new Apple’s patent application describing methods that would enable an iPhone to take and buffer several photos before the shutter release is pressed and then automatically choose the best one.

It is not unusual for slightly wrong angle or camera-shake to result in dark or blurry photos in low-light conditions, even when shooting photos on the relatively capable iPhone’s camera. The patent would allow an iPhone to take several photos before the shutter release is pressed by the user and then compare them with the photo taken at shutter release. If the software judges that one of the photos taken automatically is better, it stores it instead of the photo shot by the user.

In particularly, the technology seeks to minimize the shake of the camera that can occur when the user taps the screen or presses the iPhone's volume button to trigger the shutter by taking images before the screen or button is touched.

The selection of the photo is performed automatically, but software could allow the user to confirm the best photo chosen by the device.

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Written by maxim

Thursday, February 14, 2013. 22:26

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