Apple received patents on the design of the iPhone and iPad by Steve Jobs and jony Ive.

On Tuesday, a number of key patents associated with the design of the iPhone 4 have been owned by Apple that are partially credited with Steve Jobs, as well as the L-shaped connector MagSafe, and iPad with Smart Cover.

Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, is one of those who enlisted in the United States Patent D671937, titled simply "Electronic Device". It includes the design of the iPhone 4 along with the original antenna that wa sfinally  improved and replaced in the iPhone 4S.

In the development of iPhone 4 the famous Apple Designer, Johnny Ive, took part. Не also was among those who attributed a few other notable patents that Apple received from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week. The U.S. Patent D671930, named "Cover," which details the design of the iPhone 4 “Bumper” accessory made by Apple.

Another important invention attributed to Ive, is the U.S. Patent D671947, named "Housing for Electronic Device", which demonstrates the design of the iPad 2. Apple retains the same design with minor changes since 2011.

This invention was compounded by another patent named "Cover" that is identified as the U.S. Patent D671948. Ive and others involved in the invention of the magnetic Smart Cover, that appeared with the iPad 2 and is still on sale.

Finally, Ive was also among the list of other names who designed the L-shaped MagSafe connector, which was attended the previous-generation MacBooks in the U.S. Patent D671898, entitled "Connector". The design has been improved since the new MagSafe 2 coonection became available at the recent Apple laptops.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012. 23:31

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