Apple Was Granted New Patents for iPhone Smart Dock, Emergency Calls and more

Apple was granted several new patents for the future projects. They cover iPhone dock with Siri enabled, the reliable way of calling 911 and determining exit from a vehicle, and more.

A patent worth to be mentioned is smart iPhone dock capable of activating the voice recognition feature. The dock will have its own processor for recognizing voice along with an inbuilt display, speaker, and microphone.

Another notable patent is a new method of making the emergency calls. iPhone users can call 911 almost instantly and when they do, this is visible and way too evident. Apple considered this to be not practical. Instead, a user will activate the emergency call with a unique combination of fingerprints chosen during iPhone setup. This seems to be not so good if Apple’s going to abandon fingerprint sensors in the next iPhone generations.

One more patent covers the possibility to determine an exit from a vehicle. The advanced technology will adjust the device’s settings depending on the way of moving. It can recognize the change from drive to walk and change the maps displaying, communication settings etc. accordingly.

In general, Apple was granted 54 different patents.

[via 9to5Mac]

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Written by Nathalie

Wednesday, July 19, 2017. 22:48

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