iPhones from Past 10 Years are still being used

According to the Newzoo report, more than a half of iPhones, produced in the last 10 years, are still being used.

By March 2017 Apple managed to sell 1.163 billion iPhones. As of April 2017, 62.2% of all iPhones shipped in the past 10 years were still up and running. Newzoo reported that iPhones took as much as one fourth of all the smartphones used all over the world.

China is a leader in the iPhone market, whose people used one-third of all the iPhones on the globe in past ten years. The second place is taken by the US inhabitants who used 16.4% of iPhones within the same period.

And a bit more statistics. Out of 728 million iPhones which were still in use in April, the models from past 3 years take a half of the total, namely:

  • 21% — iPhone 6
  • 18% — iPhone 6S
  • 11% — iPhone 7
  • 9% — iPhone 6 Plus
  • 8% — iPhone 6S Plus.

[via Digitimes]

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