Apple’s iPhone 5S Renders 1080P Video Twice as Fast as the iPhone 5

According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone 5s renders HD-videos two times faster, than the iPhone 5. Below you can see the clip, which shows both devices editing a 1080P video using iMovie. It proves that the iPhone 5s’ 64-bit processor is incredibly fast.

Apart from that, Macsfuture analysts have tested the new Apple’s flagship; they claim it has a Geekbench score of 2552, which is almost the same as the early 2010 Mac mini.

So it seems that Apple’s processors are about 3-4 years behind Intel’s currently. If Apple’s Ax processors keeps doubling speed every year and Intel struggles to keep up with Moore’s law, it doesn’t take a Computer Science major to see what’s going to happen in a few years.

Looks like the Intel processor inside of my old laptop is less efficient than the Apple A7, used in the iPhone 5s.

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Written by Andrey

Tuesday, September 24, 2013. 0:40

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