BossPrefs for 2.0 firmware

BossPrefs is a very popular allpication. Now there is BossPrefs v2.0.2a that works with 2.0 fimware. It can be installed via Cydia Installer.

This is the first working version for 2.0 devices. There will be some issues but the major stuff should work. The airplane / phone toggles are not implemented, the add plugin GUI is not implemented, and there may be some other minor issues. The bulk of it works. Update will be very soon, but we can use this version right now.

Couple words and screenshots for those, who are not familiar what this application is for:

This native iPhone app started as an offshoot of "Services" by Chris Hoffman. Using this application uses can turn on and off many different IPhone functions, like Wi-Fi, EDGE, SSH, email. Users can hide unused icons from the IPhone's desktop. This was written mainly because customize does not work on 1.1.3 and there is currently no way to hide/show apps without this or doing it manually.

After installing BossPrefs you should be able to remove Customize, SMBPrefs, and Settings icons from your desktop. With the new dock, you can add any icon you want to the dock. It's very useful and easy to work with.

Also, bossprefs has a plugable interface so you can create a plugin for any app you want to toggle yourself.

Here are a couple screenshots of the app:

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