Camera+ iPhone app is back in the App Store


After being pulled from AppStore application Camera+ is back with version 2.0. It has new filters and enhancments in addition to the usual bug fixes.

Camera+ is on sale right now and is available for $0.99 (link).

What's New in Version 2.0:

What’s new
1. added sliders to effects for adjusting effect amount
2. added exporting geolocation and metadata when saving to the Camera Roll
3. added photo info panel which shows photo metadata, editing recipe, and map with photo geolocation
4. significantly sped-up startup time
5. reworked much of the user interface so that it’s more unified and much more intuitive
6. improved the usability of zoomed photos in the Lightbox
7. improved usability of Touch Focus/Touch Exposure
8. removed “SLR” screen for a simpler user interface
9. added rotation of photos
10. added flipping of photos
11. improved most effects
12. added Cyanotype effect
13. added Tailfins effect
14. added Depth of Field effect
15. added in-app purchasing of effects, with the first being the “I ♥ Analog” effects pack
16. added Diana effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
17. added Silver Gelatin effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
18. added Helios effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
19. added Contessa effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
20. added Nostalgia effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
21. added Expired effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
22. added XPRO C-41 effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
23. added Pinhole effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
24. added Chromogenic effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
25. improved most borders
26. grouped borders into Simple and Styled sets
27. added Light Mat and Dark Mat borders
28. added Round White and Round Black borders
29. added Offset border
30. renamed Grit border to Light Grit and added Dark Grid border
31. added Viewfinder border
32. added Old-Timey border
33. added Film border
34. added Sprockets border
35. added shooting preferences panel
36. improved operation of stabilizer
37. added timer shooting mode
38. added burst shooting mode
39. improved most scene modes
40. added Darken scene mode
41. added Cloudy scene mode
42. added Shade scene mode
43. added Fluorescent scene mode
44. added white balance lock
45. added a function to save and leave photos in Lightbox
46. added a function to commit all edits in photos
47. added a function to copy photos with edits committed
48. added a function to copy photos without edits
49. added a function to undo all edits in photos
50. added a function to remove geolocation in photos
51. added 3×2 crop
52. increased menu size and included it on both camera screen and Lightbox
53. Touch Exposure now works on iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch front facing camera

Major bugs fixed
• fixed a bug in which the keyboard wouldn’t appear when posting to Twitter
• fixed a potential crash when posting multiple photos to Facebook
• fixed a bug where no previews were shown for photos taken with Camera+ and later imported into iPhoto or Aperture
• pasting photos now preserves the photo’s metadata

And many, many, many minor enhancements and bug fixes.

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