Corning announces release of new Gorilla Glass 3 with improved scratch resistance

Corning, a supplier of glass for iPhone and iPad, has announced the third version of the Gorilla Glass panels. The glass reduces scratches and significantly improves overall strength.

"Gorilla Glass 3 has been improved at the molecular level, incorporating a proprietary feature called Native Damage Resistance (NDR). According to Corning, NDR reduces the propagation of flaws, the appearance of scratches and does a better job of maintaining the overall retained strength of the glass. As a result, GG3 claims a three-fold improvement in scratch resistance, 40 percent reduction in the number of visible scratches and 50 percent boost in retained strength after the glass becomes flawed."

There were mentions about Gorilla Glass in the Steve Jobs biography. Jobs personally spoke with Wendell Weeks, CEO of Corning Glass, before the first iPhone was launched, to request the company to the extent production of Gorilla Glass for devices.

The release of Gorilla Glass 2 was announced at CES last year. Apple will probably adopt better glass for later iOS devices.
Corning will also offer new Thunderbolt optical cables, up to 30 meters length. Earlier this week, the Japanese firm Sumitomo Electric Industries announced the release of its own Thunderbolt optical cable.

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Written by Svetlana Osipova

Friday, January 4, 2013. 17:41

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