Google Search Vs Siri In 1600-queries Test

Gene Munster, analyst from Piper Jaffray, today published a research note containing the results of Google search vs. Siri 1600-question test. In the study, both Siri and Google were presented with 800 queries in each of two different environments, a busy street and a quiet room. This is not exactly a comparison of how well two services stack up against each other, because queries for Google search were typed in, but the results allow to find out what potential Siri has as an everyday search service and alternative to Google search.

Muster notes that Siri is only in its infancy and he remains optimistic about its development.

In the quiet setting, Siri correctly comprehended 89% of queries, while in the noise urban settings its ability to comprehend queries decreased to 83%. As for accuracy, Google answers accurately 86% of the time, while Siri provides accurate replies 62% of the time in the noisy setting and 68% in the quiet conditions.

Also Piper Jaffray analyzed the sources from which Siri gets its answers, noting that Google provides 60% of the results with Yelp and other sources providing the remainder. They also noted:

“Breaking down Siri's reliance further, Google provides 100% of navigation results, 61% of information results, 48% of commerce results and 42% of local results. Among other result aggregators, Yelp provided the most local results (51%) and commerce results (51%), while WolframAlpha provided 34% of information results”.

According to Munster estimates, Google’s share of Siri answers will decrease to 48% with the release of iOS 6 as movie, sports and navigations queries shift to Apple and its partners.

Website Technobufallo also compared two services in the video above

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Friday, June 29, 2012. 23:35

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