GPS Kit for iPhone 3G

Garafa's GPSKit for iPhone provides you with more advanced GPS functionality and tracking for your iPhone:

  • Dashboard - see real time information (speed, direction, coordinates, etc)
  • Tracks - save your path, view in Google Earth or Maps
  • Waypoints - Save points of interest

While GPSKit's solution is $9.99, there are other applications on the App Store that provide portions of similar functionality:

  • GPS Tracker - real-time tracking service
  • Speed - real time speedometer
  • PathTracker - real time stats, save your path, also for runners/bikers
  • Speedster GPS - speed and altitude in real time
  • gpsCompass - real time stats
  • Distance Meter - distance tracker
  • iTrail - distance and path tracker for runners/bikers
  • RunKeeper - track running/biking paths and stats

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