iEmu Will Allow Running iOS Apps On Windows, Android And Linux


Have you ever wanted to run your iOS applications on your Mac, Windows or Android device? Creator of iEmu, new Kickstarter project, want to raise funds to make this possible.

New project iEmu is a based on the open-source emulator QEMU, and aims to emulate the S5L8930 chipset that is used in first-gen iPads and iPhone 4. The specifications for this chipset and ancillary hardware are not publicly available, so their supporting need complicated reverse engineering. The emulator will work on different platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and even iOS itself.

Emulator can run most iPhone and iPad apps and even support peripherals such as accelerometer, GPS and compass. Also it can be used as a debugger and QA tool by some developers. Creator Chris Wade has already worked on this project and currently iEmu is capable to boot iPhone 2G bootloader.

Wade wants to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter to cover his living expenses for three months. It seems that some supporters are especially interested in this project with nearly $6,000 currently funded by 85 supporters.

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