iPhone 6 Will Be Equipped With Atmospheric Pressure Sensor?

Apple’s iPhone 6 may be equipped with an atmospheric pressure sensor. Such a sensor can be used not only to measure the atmospheric pressure, but also to forecast weather changes and provide the user with altitude data.

According to the references found in iOS 8 program code, Apple’s mobile operating system now supports reporting air pressure and altitude changes. If to speak about Apple’s iOS 7, such a feature was unavailable.

According to sources at Apple, the Cupertino-company has been working on an updated version of the Compass application that includes altitude tracking, so perhaps that application, which was originally added in 2009 alongside the iPhone 3GS, is what customers will utilize to track their altitude.

The device with a new sensor on board will likely be helpful to mountain climbers, hikers and all those who want to be aware of the precise information about the current altitude and atmospheric pressure.

[via 9to5Mac]

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