JailBreakMe on an iPhone 3G video

Here is the video of recently released universal safari jailbreak called JailBreakMe working on an iPhone 3G:

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  1. Update:After trying saerevl work arounds, I think I figured it out (worked for me anyway).After not being able to download, I tried one last ditch move After being unsuccessful saerevl times I closed Safari. Then went to settings > safari > clear history/cache/cookies and cleared them all. I then turned off the Fraud Alert and turned off Pop-up blocker. After that power your phone off, and leave it for about a min. Power up and go to safari >jailbreakme.com .Worked for me, hope this helps someone! Destiny is a perception created by itself.


    admin Reply:

    what IOS version do you have right now?



    21 Nov 12 at 9:59 am

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