Mac Users Are Likely to Choose Latest OS X Version

According to the latest estimates, Mac users are four times more likely to upgrade to the latest OS X version than PC users to the latest Windows version. To be honest, I’m not surprised.

Here’s what ComputerWorld writes (via 9to5Mac):

Microsoft has convinced just 11.6 percent of Windows users who acquired their system since 2001 and still actively use it to go online to migrate to the current edition of its operating system.


Apple’s convinced 41.6 percent of Mac users who acquired their system since 2001 and still actively use them online to adopt the current edition of the OS.

There’re several possible reasons for such difference.

The first reason is pricing. You see, latest OS X Mavericks was a free update to all those who were using one of the earlier OS X versions. If to speak about previous upgrades, their prices were far more affordable than those of Windows.

The next reason is functionality. While Microsoft is changing Windows user-interface all the time, Apple’s developers simply add new features and make their OS more efficient and stable. Such approach allows Mavericks to run on older hardware without any problems. This is a key to success.

And what operating system is installed on your computer?

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Written by Andrey

Sunday, February 23, 2014. 15:15

2 Responses to 'Mac Users Are Likely to Choose Latest OS X Version'

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  1. Far more affordable? Windows 8.1 was FREE. It isn't that Microsoft is constantly changing the UI, it's just that when they do, people resist, just like any other area. I'd accuse Apple of not doing enough on Mavericks. I haven't upgraded my work computer. It doesn't add anything for me.


    Nick Tarasenko Reply:

    Well, Windows 8.1 is a bit faster. This is the only improvement I've noticed. Apart from the UI, of course. And this is probably the first Windows version that was available for free.
    To be honest, I like both Windows and OS X. But I find OS X more reliable and simple.



    26 Feb 14 at 10:35 am

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