More IPhone 3G internals photos

Portelligent and Semiconductor Insights published a document describing interals of IPhone 3G. Techonline described the details. (Previous IPhone 3G internals photos can be viewed here)

Commuunications (3G/GSM) are on Infineon chips. One for GSM/GPRS/EDGE, another for WCDMA/HSDPA (3G). GPS module is not SiRF as we all thought. Apple uses PMB 2525 Hammerhead II. The Hammerhead II integrates an assisted-GPS (A-GPS) baseband processor with a low-noise GPS RF front end and multi-path mitigation to avoid large errors in urban environments.

For the main applications processor, Apple chose to stick with a tried-and-true Samsung ARM11-based design, with some tweaks, supported by 128 Mbytes of stacked, package-on-package, DDR SDRAM, also from Samsung. Externally, the main memory comes in two versions for the iPhone: 8 Gbytes and 16 Gbytes of NAND flash. In this case, it's 8 Gbytes, but the source was surprising: Toshiba (not Samsung as before), in the form of a single-chip device segmented into four, 2 Gbyte die (TH58NVG6D1D).

Wi-Fi chip is the 88W8686 from Marvell. Bluetooth is introduced by a new chip BlueCore6 (BlueCore4 was used previously). Wolfson WM6180C audio codec, which replaces the WM8758 used on the original iPhone, as well as the Broadcom BCM5974 touchscreen controller, National Semiconductor LM2512AA Mobile Pixel Link display interface and the Texas Instruments #CD3239 touch screen line driver.

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