New Survey Reveals That iPhone 3GS Drops Calls More Often Than iPhone 4


Today ChangeWave Research revealed the results of its survey on iPhone 4. 213 new handset owners were questioned in a few weeks after the launch of the latest Apple's smartphone, between July 19 and 28. Here is a list of facts that were revealed:

  • In June 6.3% of iPhone 3GS owners experienced dropped calls, in July only 5.2% of those who use iPhone 4 had dropped a call at least once. ChangeWave Research's vice president Paul Carton says that means that iPhone 4 is quiet better at making calls:
  • "Despite all of the issues surrounding the antenna, in actuality iPhone 4 owners reported experiencing fewer dropped calls on the average than iPhone 3GS owners".

  • 35% of respondents were 'very satisfied' and 38% were just 'satisfied' with Apple's solution of 'Antennagate' problem. 18% were somehow 'unsatisfied'.
  • Antenna issue made people to become less satisfied with iPhone 4 than with iPhone 3GS, which was revealed a year ago. Paul Carton explains that with a ballyhoo in mainstream media.
  • 13% of iPhone 4 owners were disappointed with their handset, while there were only 6% of those who didn't like iPhone 3GS.
  • Three best things in iPhone 4: Retina Display (49% of respondents liked), 5MP-camera with LED flash (31%) and touchscreen interface (30%). Multitasking was fifth (22%) and FaceTime function was ninth (15%).
  • Three things people don't like in iPhone 4: restriction to AT&T's network, its quality and antenna issue. The same complaint about AT&T network's quality people have had for years with other Apple's smartphones.
  • It is important to notice that the survey didn't take teenagers into account so the results may be slightly different in real life.
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