Siri Hacked to Run on an iPod Touch and iPhone 4


As far as we know, Siri is a voice recognition service that is available only for the iPhone 4S users. There were various attempts to port Siri to the iPod Touch and iPhone 4, but the early versions of these hacks simply got the user interface working on the iPhone 4. They were unable to actually use the voice recognition.

But tonight developers @stroughtonsmith and @chpwn have finally managed to port Siri on previous generation hardware so that the service works properly. That proves that Siri might be run by other processor, not only by A5 chip.

We've since spoken to @stroughtonsmith who told us that despite it working on the iPod Touch, it doesn't work entirely well due to the relatively poor performance of the microphone. "You have to be loud and close to it", he said. However, it does perform quite well on the iPhone 4 and works "just as fast as the 4S".

The developers are not going to release the hack in order to avoid legal issues that may be filled due to repackaging Apple’s code and distributing it.

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