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Well-known blogger Jonny Evans from ComputerWorld posted yesterday an interesting article where he analyzed some of recent trends in Apple's success and made few conclusions about the company's next steps. Here is a short list of it:

  1. Mobile devices are all about touch interface, and that idea may be brought to Mac OS, so we may get the iOS iMac. To support Mac OS X applications on the go Apple may also release the iPad Pro with its desktop OS on it.
  2. It is rumored that the next-gen iPod touch will be pretty much the same as iPhone 4, but Evans thinks the processor speed may be underclocked to bring a fantastic battery life.
  3. iTunes will eventually become a cloud service with music being kept safe on Apple's servers, wireless syncing with all of your devices and so on. It is also predicted that iTunes may be finally brought to Android, so that all of those people who wanted iPhone but bought an Android-base phone for some other reasons could still use Apple's services. In the long run Google's operational system is open, so why not?
  4. MobileMe will keep living. Free version will have iAds to bring money for Apple, but paid version will have a number of additional services, like your own Home folder in the cloud and other. It may be compared with Dropbox here, when you will have an access to your documents and programs to edit it on any platform from a browser (something that Google will bring on its Chrome OS).

The ideas look pretty logical, and we can only look forward to see if it will become the truth. And what do you think?

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