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If you are looking for an extremely tiny MP3 player, the iPod Nano is about as small as they get; and yet they can store up to 16GB of music. Here we take a look at the Nano's best features.

Your Entire Music Collection on the Go!

With storage spaces going up to as much as 16GB, the this capable Apple gadget can store your entire music collection all in one tiny portable device. You can easily organise your songs to your personal preferences, and sort them according to album, artist, song or playlist. With the multi-touch display screen, accessing your music while on the move has never been easier.

Pausable Radio

Have you ever been listening to the radio and then suddenly had to stop and do something, and then been irritated that you just missed 5 or 10 minutes of what you were listening to? With the iPod Nano you can pause the radio and even skip back up to 15 minutes.

Genius - Your Own Personal DJ

The Nano gives you your own personalised DJ in the form of Genius, which intelligently looks for songs with a similar style. For example, if you are just listening to random songs, and then one particular song really matches your mood, clicking Genius will cause it to find other songs that match the same mood.

Easy Access to iTunes

iTunes is a great way to buy new music and other audio entertainment. The Nano easily synchronises with your personal iTunes account. This means that every time you create a new playlist or buy a new song,
your Nano will be automatically updated to reflect this. There isn't even any need to link your Nano to your computer. As long as it is in your iTunes library you will be able to play it on your iPod Nano.

Your Own Little Personal Trainer

Not only can you use your Nano to listen to music while you exercise, it also has a built-in pedometer. Also, if you combine it with the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, it can help you with your entire exercise routine. It can either be connected to a Nike + iPod compatible cardio machine to record your pace, time and distance, or it can be used with special Nike+ running shoes for voice feedback as you go.


For anyone with eyeseight problems, the iPod Nano is ideal. One option is to use the White on Black mode, which displays the Nano's menu in high contrast. Another option is the VoiceOver function, which speaks out loud telling you what each item you touch is.

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