Video And Photo Comparison of iPhone 5 And iPhone 4S Front Panels

iPhone repair parts company Etrade Supply has published a comparison of the front panels of purported next-generation iPhone and iPhone 4S. In line with many other leaked photos and videos, the front panel for iPhone 5 shows that the device will include a taller display and its FaceTime camera will be placed above the earpiece.

The blog post includes many images and a video comparing the two front panels, showing that the new part is 0.1 thinner and provides more scratch resistance and light transmittance than the corresponding front panel for iPhone 4S.

Also Etrade Supply has taken a careful look at the home button area on the new front panel, showing that diameter of the hole for the button is 0.3 smaller than diameter of the hole on its counterpart, while the margin between the edge of the display area and the edge of the panel is 2.6 mm shorter,  allowing the company to considerably increase the size of the display while slightly increasing the device height.


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Friday, August 3, 2012. 19:57

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