What's new in Firmware 3.0 Beta4: 12 changes

Here is a list of changes from iSapzio (sorry, screenshots are in Italian):

1. You can now enter to Settings-Store to see the balance and billing information:

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2. Another change concerns volume control in the iPod app (or the "Music" on iPod Touch). While using Firmware 3.0 beta 4 on iPod Touch first generation, we can see that the controls for the volume are gone. This is an intelligent system, that turns on and off volume control, depending on USB, headphones and AD2P connection:

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3. Fixed problems with iPhoto and displaying thumbnails of the screenshots / images from the CameraRoll.

4. iPod seriously slows the entire device, and even if you leave music playing while you use other applications you can see a significant global slowdown.

5. After having taken a picture, we can "accept" or doing another by clicking on the button "Retake".


6. There was a bug in Safari that caused the slow down when writing in form or in the comments of a blog. Sometimes, with the previous beta versions, the letters you type on your keyboard were not shown, now it works all right.

7. Added the possibility to create a new iTunes Store account directly. However doesn't work yet:

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8. Added support for copy-paste in calculator:


9. iTunes can synchronize Voice Notes.

10. In Settings> General> About we can we see the number of songs, videos, pictures and applications:


11. New screen for tethering:


12. New types of account to update contacts and calendar.

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