WinterBoard - themes for 2.0

Winterboard for firmware 2.0 provides some of the functionality that SummerBoard provided. However it looks like it will be much much more in the near future. Currently the settings dialog just allows you to select your theme, but you can expect this to be expanded in the future. (Note: the configuration GUI is not done yet).

At the release of Winterboard, many themes were also released into Cydia. All of our Summerboard themes are now available for use.

Winterboard does more than SummerBoard. It will theme many more elements of your UI. You can theme the battery images and other graphics. There is support for theming inside of .artwork files. It will open the door for themes to become full iPhone themes changing the color of your alerts, graphics in apps, and all sorts of amazing things!

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Monday, August 4, 2008. 0:25

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