Air Display App To Let You Use iPad 3 As A Retina Display For Your Mac

The maker of the popular Air Display iOS app Avatron, revealed today that it will update the app to fully support the new iPad. Air Display allows using your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone as an extra screen for your Windows or Mac computer. The video above shows how it works. The iPad acts a wireless additional monitor and OS X can work with it in the same manner as with any other display.

The company was able to get its app working with the iPad 3 with good performance. But text, windows and user interface elements would look very small on a 2048x1536 iPad. So the team has added support for new HiDPI mode available in Lion. This mode allows OS X to work with high resolution displays while preserving the same relative size for windows, buttons and other user interface elements.

In HiDPI mode, the iPad 3 will act like a 1024x768 point display where each point is consist up of 4 pixels. Users just have to open System Preferences and choose «1024x768 (HiDPI)" mode to take advantage of this functionality.

Universal Air Display app is available for $9.99 in the App Store. The support for iPad 3 Retina-display will be included in the next update.

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