Keyboard Control Pro for iPhone and iPod touch [Video]

If you got tired of deleting odd or incorrect letters from your messages, sent from iPhone or iPod touch, then you might be interested in a new Cydia tweak released by iAmharic recently. It’s called Keyboard Control Pro and it changes the way you use your keyboard.

This tool is compatible with both iOS 5 and 6 and has a bunch of useful features:

  • Auto Twins – automatically inserts the closing brackets or commas etc. after you've typed in the respective opening symbols.
  • Auto Space – inserts spaces wherever you want.
  • Alphabet Jumping – lets you pre-set a certain key or symbol to jump back to alphabetical keyboard layout.
  • Number Jumping – as you might’ve understood, this feature lets you configure a key or symbol to switch to number keyboard layout.
  • Quick Input – double tap on Spacebar inserts any symbol or letter you wish.

Apart from the main ones, there're some additional features you can enable on a settings page:

  • Long press on ‘@’ key automatically types in your Twitter address.
  • Email Pilot inserts your email address in any appropriate field by a single tap.

The tweak is only $1.99, so if you have to do a lot of messaging daily go and get it from Cydia.

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Written by Andrey

Saturday, July 6, 2013. 16:22

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