Step-by-step tutorial: jailbreak and unlock

Tutorial: compile and run Java application on the IPhone


This is a tutorial, that shows step by step how to use installed Java on the IPhone. Just in case you do not have Java installed on your IPhone there is a tutorial how to do it.

What we need is a working jailbraked IPhone with Java Installed. I used latest firmware 1.1.4, unlocked, jailbreaked and customized by winpwn.

Step 1: Create simple Java application, compile and run.

  1. Create file Java4IPhone.java and put simple Java hello-world code there. I used the following code:Create Java hello-world
  2. Upload to IPhone. I used /tmp directory. For uploading I used IPhone Browser.
  3. Run Terminal.
  4. Use command java -fullversion or jamvm -fullversion to see if java is avaliable.
  5. Use command jikes to invoke java compiler.
  6. Go to /tmp directory, using command cd /tmp
  7. Compile. We need to specify classpath to basic java packages. If we do not do that, jikes will produce an error (see screenshot). So use the following command: jikes Java4IPhone.java -cp /usr/lib/rt.jar
  8. After compiling Java4IPhone.class file should appear in the same directory. To run use command java Java4IPhone
  9. Take a look at the screenshots. Hopefully you'll have something similar.

Upload Java application to IPhone

Check Java and Jikes Compile using Jikes Run


Upload Java application to IPhone

Step 2: Have fun!

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14 Responses to 'Tutorial: compile and run Java application on the IPhone'

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  1. how would you compile using other packages? I'm trying to compile processing, so I need to use the "core.jar"


    Callum Reply:

    Jikes file.java -cp core.jar
    Not sure if that's right, give it a go.



    9 Dec 08 at 8:14 pm

  2. how can i compile java UI Applications with jikes?
    And where can i get documents of the lib jocstrap.jar?



    24 Jun 09 at 11:28 am

  3. I got these when i tried to compile file JavaSysInfo.java:
    E:\javapro>javac JavaSysInfo.java
    JavaSysInfo.java:31: can not file symbol
    symbol: method fullScreenApplicationContentRect()
    location: class obc.UIHardware
    CGRect rect = UIHardware.fullScreenApplicationContentRect();
    JavaSysInfo.java:34: can not find symbol
    symbol: method defaultSize()
    location: class obc.UINavigationBar
    CGSize sizenavbar = UINavigationBar.defaultSize();
    2 errors

    Is it that the jocstrap(jocstrap_1.0.2549-8_iphoneos-arm.deb) I got does not fit the source files?



    24 Jun 09 at 11:36 am

  4. I hope you can help me, well i´ve got every think installed and running but points 7 & 8 are no too clear for my, my file is a .jar one, so i shud´nt compile it, do i? i have tried and nothing, also ia tried to run it by java (filename) but thrn again nothing, im on a 3.1.2 jailbreak os, help me pleas i just want tu run java apps on my Iphone


    soulaway Reply:

    Just try to change current video settings on your device before you do catch such JavaSysInfo.java:31: can not file symbol.



    17 Jan 10 at 10:22 pm

  5. ok, i did it, ;) but... a igot an other prob, when i exec the file becomes a Main-Class on Manifest error, it is a app for a symbian mobile, so, How can i fix this, does anybody knows it? help my pls



    18 Jan 10 at 12:18 am

  6. argh, when will Apple decide to finally accept Java, so we won't have to use these kind of complicated (and borderline) techniques :( ?

    Anyway, to compile and run Java application (with UI, WithRat ;) ) on iPhone, I've tried something called iSpectrum.

    It complies with the iPhone SDK agreement, since you no longer need to install a JVM, but compiles your Java app to native code. So there is no need to jailbreak your phone :) .
    And you develop in Eclipse, with a plugin of their own, and you can even debug your code right from Eclipse Java editor!

    Plus, this is free for open source projects ;) .

    Check it out at http://www.flexycore.com



    19 Feb 10 at 10:55 am

  7. I just can't understand, will this iSpectrum enable opera mini on iphone which is a java application??


    admin Reply:

    this will not make java apps work. as for opera mini, there is opera mini app for iphone



    24 Nov 10 at 4:36 pm

  8. hello...
    how can i run - MRemote.jar ?
    when i open the MRemote.jar with winrar ,it is include this files = a.class,b.class,c.class,d.class,e.class,MRemote.class,MRemote.png and folder META-INF and MANIFEST.MF .

    how can i run - MRemote.jar ?



    admin Reply:

    java -jar?


    mike Reply:

    Hello, I have the same problem. I have a .jar file that was transferred on the jail break iPhone and now i'm trying to install using terminal and when I use the code

    "jikes blooover2.jar -cp /usr/lib/rt.jar" it says "the input file "blooover2.jar" does not have the .java extension


    admin Reply:

    jikes is a compiler, not the runtime. since you have jar file, it is already compiled, you need to run it with java -jar.



    7 Jul 11 at 11:41 pm

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