Apple examines possibility of flexible display appliance for iPhone

The United States Patent and Trademark Office published an Apple patent application (via AppleInsider), which offers the possibility of using a flexible display in iPhone or in other mobile device with transparent cover as glass tubing or other form. The display would be able to cover the edges and backside of the device, even to make a more visible area.


"This paper describes various embodiments that relate to an apparatus, method, and computer readable medium for creating a portable electronic device with a wraparound display.

In one embodiment, a consumer electronic product is described. The consumer electronic product includes at least a transparent housing and a flexible display assembly enclosed within the transparent housing. In the described embodiment, the flexible display assembly is configured to present visual content at any portion of the transparent housing."

In the patent application, Apple explores various options of such devices, including several form factors and the potential use of second internal display under the transparent external display to provide the illusion of 3D content. Apple also offers the possibility of replacing the end plugs to match with specific situations and multiplying devices together to make one big screen.

The patent application, which was filed in September of 2011, is attributed solely to Scott Myers, Apple product design engineer. The concept of flexible displays for the iPhone or other mobile devices, is reminiscent of another patent application filed by Apple. It describes the accessory in the form of a bracelet with a flexible display, which clearly could serve as a smart watch. Myers was one of three Apple engineers claiming patent application in August 2011.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013. 21:06

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