Apple Stores Are Pushing New Table-Based Customer Service Strategy

Apple is gradually rolling out a new customer service initiative called ‘table selling’ across its retail stores. With the new strategy, employees at Apple Stores are assigned a product table at which they are responsible for serving groups of customers with the same device but different needs. Previously, employees helped each customer individually on a first-come, first-serve basis which often resulted in lengthy wait times.

While working with multiple customers might help Apple sell its products at a more rapid pace, the new initiative received its share of criticism. Some employees at Apple Stores believes the new strategy could be too transactional and worse personal experience that Apple Store offers.

Apple’s approach to customer services has been nonconventional since introducing its Apple Store concept back in 2001. Apple replaced traditional paper signs with interactive iPad Smart Signs almost two years ago. The company has also spent much time training customers on how to use its technology. For example, each Smart Sign includes a ’Specialist’ button allowing the customer to join the “iQueue.”

Apple is also adding a new support position called “Dibber.” The “Dibber” will filter out supported services that are not directly related to Apple. Apple is emphasizing that its employees should provide only minor support services on third-party products. For instance, if a customer has problems with a non-iCloud email service or non-Apple built Mac app, Apple Store employees should point the customer to the respective support websites for those products.

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