Apple Takes 94% of Global Smartphone Market Profits

Back in summer, we reported that despite having a relatively small market share on global smartphone market, Apple managed to get 92% of the profits. Today, a new report from a research firm called Canaccord Genuity appeared on the Internet suggesting that thanks to strong iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales as well as due to the release of the updated handsets in September, Apple is now taking 94% of the entire smartphone industry profits.

Such results demonstrate that Apple-branded smartphones continue to gain popularity among the customers in Asia and Europe, even though their price remains relatively high. A fact you can’t deny is that such price is a key factor that contributes to incredible Apple profits.

Canaccord Genuity estimated back in July that Apple was taking home 92% of the profits in the entire smartphone industry, and now says the figure climbed even higher last quarter, hitting 94%.


Investors Business Daily quotes analyst Michael Walkley predicting continued strong performance by Apple.

It would be interesting to see Apple’s results in the upcoming holiday quarter. I honestly hope Apple will reveal the number of iPhones sold during the next couple of months.

[via 9to5Mac]


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Written by Andrey

Tuesday, November 17, 2015. 18:16

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  1. Какая глупость о 94 %. Я говорил и говорю, что яблочники на рынке долго не протянут. Кому нужны их смартфоны если китайские превосходят по функционалу и дешевизне


    admin Reply:

    В том то и дело, что да, китайских больше, андроидов больше, но они дешевле в разы, а пользователи там ни за что не платят, пользуются бесплатными версиями и тп. Поэтому и получается, что деньги все срубает Apple.



    18 Nov 15 at 10:46 pm

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