Here’s How You Can Weigh Plums Using iPhone 6s [Video]

As it was already mentioned on our website, Apple’s iPhone 6s is a device that can boast of a number of serious improvements, for example, better processor and camera, 2GB of RAM, and a 3D Touch display. The latter one, by the way, can be used not only to open a context menu on your handset, but also to perform a lot more practical tasks. One of such tasks is weighing plums right on the display of the iPhone 6s.

In a new video from Simon Gladman we can see how the new 3D Touch screen displays the weight of several plums. The heavier plum is highlighted in yellow. To make such things possible, the author of the video has created a special app called the Plum-O-Meter.

Below you will find the description for the video:

Here's a quick video of a little demo app I made using the iPhone 6s's 3D touch to display the weights of plums (relative the phone's maximum possible force). The heavier of the plums gets a yellow highlight,

For more information, visit my blog: http://flexmonkey.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/the-plum-o-meter-weighing-plums-using.html

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