iAds might be a reason to lower the popularity of iPhone


Dave Johnson from Bnet's blogs has written a post about why iPhone OS 4.0 and, particularly, iAds is a reason to get rid of your iPhone. He says that even such a big company as Apple cannot stay of the road when there are opportunities to gain additional billions of dollars with their new advertising program. It is announced that iAds service will work only in a free apps, but in a while there will be nothing to stop it from showing up such advertisements in paid apps too. That is why it is time to look at iPhone rivals.

Mike Schramm from TUAW develops this thought further - if iAds will bring significant revenue to Apple, why not deliver it to Mac OS X?

But at this moment these thoughts are not confirmed with any of the Apple actions, so there is no need for panic yet.

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Written by SimplyMax

Saturday, April 17, 2010. 16:31

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