iOS 9.1 Supports New Wireless Communication Technology - Li-Fi

According to the latest report from AppleInsider reporters, iOS 9 code proves that Apple is working on adding the support of Li-Fi to its mobile operating system. In case you don’t know, Li-Fi is a relatively new wireless communication technology that allows to transmit data using light-emitting diodes on speed much higher than that of Wi-Fi. In fact, Li-Fi speed can reach up to 224 Gbps.

The change in iOS code that reflects the support of Li-Fi has been spotted in iOS 9.1 and later, so looks like future generations of iPhones and iPads will be capable of using Li-Fi for transferring data on high speeds. Below you will find a screenshot proving that iOS 9.1 supports the new wireless communication technology.

Beginning with iOS 9.1, the operating system's library cache file makes mention of "LiFiCapability" alongside other hardware and software capability declarations. The change was spotted by Twitter user Chase Fromm and independently confirmed by AppleInsider.

Although Li-Fi is still at the stage of development, several companies are currently working to make the technology commercial. Very soon it may become the main rival of other wireless communication standards.

[via AppleInsider]

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