iPhone 5 sells twice as fast as Galaxy 4

According to a recent market research, Samsung spent twice as much time to ship 20 millions Galaxy 4 units as Apple for shipping the same amount of iPhone 5.

Judging by official opening weekend numbers and quarterly earnings reports, it took Apple 25 days to ship 20 million items, a month less than Samsung figure. Moreover, over the launch period Apple shipped 805,000 units per days, whereas Samsung sold half as many, about 333,000.

However, Galaxy 4 was much more successful than its predecessor Galaxy S III. The latter reached the sales figure of 10 million only 50 days after it was launched. Galaxy 4 reached this figure a few weeks earlier. So far, Galaxy 4 has been the most successful Samsung device.

Apple says that 5 million units of iPhone 5 were bought over the opening weekend. During the following quarter the sales were just increasing, and not only of the new product, but of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 as well.

At the same time demand on Galaxy 4 decreased slightly a few months after its release. It caused a fall in Samsung’s market capitalization of 12.4 billion and disappointment among investors. The spreading rumors of new iPhone 5S  and figures of growing demand for Apple’s handsets are only worsening the crisis.

Apple keeps on being a great investment of money. The share price is rising, especially when everyone is expecting new devices - a new iPhone, a low-cost iPhone, and probably even an iPhone with a 5-inch display – to be launched over the next year.

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