iPhone Home button with a fingerprint scanner

The photos of the home button of the iPhone 5S show that it includes some new components. Accordng to Nowhereelse, they are most likely to refer to the rumored fingerprint scanner.

The first notable difference of course for the general shape of the map but not really enough to jump to the ceiling. Even more interesting, a mysterious square element placed closer button instantly revives the rumor. Followed by two other components attached to the extension of the map and that all seemed to be resistance. Needless to say that these three elements are absent from the button back to the home of the iPhone 5 and is to my knowledge unprecedented for this spare parts, all iPhone generations combined.

The part has the identification number 821-2092-01, it seems to have been manufactured on the 29th week of 2013 (mid-July).

However, MacRumors claims that the same part was sold om sw-box as a component of iPhone 5C . So it is not clear what device it belongs to.

Apple will unveil both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on September 10th.




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Written by Lizzen

Thursday, September 5, 2013. 1:58

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