Microsoft Announces New Version of Its Operating System - Windows 10

Microsoft on Tuesday officially announced the widely rumored Windows 10. Probably the most interesting thing about the yet-to-be-released operating system is the fact that it will be running on computers, tablets and smartphones. Yes, that right, one operating system for all kinds of devices.

While first builds of Windows 10 will become available for the registered users of the Insider Program only in February, we can still take a look at how the OS looks like.

As to the main features of the new version of the operating system, they include deep integration between all the Windows 10 devices a user owns, revamped Start menu, new Settings app, several design improvements for Windows 10 smartphones, Cortana voice assistant support on PCs and laptops and more.

Despite all the innovative features of Windows 10, I don't like it and I don't think it will make Mac users switch to the rival platform. You see, the design is too complicated and stuffed with all kinds of menus, app icons and notification windows. Moreover, the guys from Redmond continue to push forward the concept of one operating system for computers and portable devices. Although the idea of the unification of the interface and functionality of smartphones, tablets and PC is rather promising, I don't think the universal OS for all devices should look and feel like Windows.

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Written by Andrey

Thursday, January 22, 2015. 20:03

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    22 Jan 15 at 9:31 pm

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